The Koroneiki Olives variety was named after the historic town of Koroni, in the Messinia region of the Peloponnese.
Its fruit, ripens between November and December producing olive oil of the highest quality.
Its organoleptic characteristics have ranked it in the extra virgin category of olive oils which is characterized by certain special features: 

...exceptionally low acidity,
a deep, bright green color, with a bittersweet taste,
a smooth taste feeling of various fruits with a predominant apple taste...

What separates the fruits and olive oil produced from Koroneïki variety - which grows only in Greece and especially in Kalamata & Sitia Crete - olive trees is their unique method of cultivation. Unlike many other varieties, these trees have no artificial additives interventions not to mention that they are pruned intensively once a year to keep them small in size. The mere 3 to 5 liters of the green gold liquid that is produced from a Koroneiki olive tree proves the obvious. Quantity is sacrificed in favor of quality.