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Greek Tradition

Our heritage

Olive growing in Greece, started mostly on small family estates, where a particular relationship is built between the olive growers and the olive trees, with respect and care as predominant features. It is a loving relationship that bears precious fruits.

Thus begins the history of our company, established by the Plemmenos brothers, in 1912, in Kalamata, a town of the Peloponnese region in southern Greece, where the highest quality of olive oil is produced since ancient times.

By 1950, Plemmenos family dream of expanding the business to Athens came true. The new warehouse in Athens was supplied with olive oil directly from the family mill in Kalamata.

This expansion helped the company to start selling its products to new markets.By 1960, Plemmenos olive oil became world famous thanks to exports to all five continents. In 2009, our company was acquired by IFANTIS GROUP, a leading Greek food-group and it was renamed to Greek Land Foods LTD. The new brand “esti” was successfully introduced in 2010. Since2010, “esti” has grown into an international brand sold in more than 34 countries. “esti” products now include olives, spreads and more, in addition to a broad range of extra virgin olive oils.